Payment Network

ECommerce Payment Network Requirements & Best Practices


  • Consider fraud prevention tools and MasterCard SecureCode®
  • Transaction amount must match the value of the products and services in an individual shipment, including any additional charges for postage, packing, etc.
  • If the purchase will be delivered in multiple shipments:
    • The Merchant must notify the Cardholder and ensure that the combined amount of all shipments does not exceed the total purchase amount agreed to by the Cardholder
    • The Merchant must obtain the Cardholder’s agreement to any increase in the purchase amount as a result of multiple or partial deliveries
    • Each shipment, and any increase to the original agreed upon purchase amount, must be processed by the Merchant as a separate authorized transaction
  • If the products or services purchased are not available at the time of the transaction:
    • The Merchant must advise the Cardholder that their order will not be delivered within the time frame originally disclosed and agreed to with the Cardholder
    • The Merchant must obtain the Cardholder’s agreement to a delayed delivery, specifying the anticipated delivery date and giving the opportunity to the Cardholder to cancel, before proceeding with the transaction
    • The information provided on any email acknowledgment of the Cardholder’s order must comply with the transaction receipt.



  • Merchant that primarily operates from a personal residence must include the city, state/province and country of its Permanent Establishment, but is not required to provide the residence address
  • Merchant must not display the full Account Number to the Cardholder online
  • In addition, on an Online Gambling Merchant’s homepage or payment page, all of the following must be included:
    • The statement “Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction.”
    • A statement of the Cardholder’s responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in the Cardholder’s country
    • A statement prohibiting the participation of minors
    • A complete description of the rules of play, cancellation and pay-out policies
    • A statement recommending that the Cardholder retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules



  • Request and validate the Card Identification Data (CID) (the three-digit code on the back of the card in the signature panel)
  • Verify the customer’s billing address, either electronically or by our automated phone system Address Verification System (AVS)
  • Verify the customer’s name, full billing address, email address and phone number by enrolling in Discover’s free fraud prevention solution, Verify+
  • Get a signature for each delivery and keep all delivery records
  • All declined authorizations are final
  • Refund purchases on the same card account that the purchase was made on
  • When working on a chargeback, document efforts to satisfy the customer
  • Respond to all chargebacks, even the small ones
  • Duplicate charges or installment plans, unless otherwise stated, require an authorization for each sale
  • Learn of confirmed fraudulent transactions and recall goods by enrolling in Discover’s free fraud prevention solution, Fraud Alerts.